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World Leaders In Keynote Speaking, Executive Development, Training, and Consulting

We represent many of the most respected and booked keynote speakers in the world.

Thank you to the amazing executives and event planners around the world for their trust in our team to serve them. We share this big mission: To deliver the highest value to our respected clients and their people with customized keynotes, professional development training, and consulting.

American Speakers Bureau Corporation represents up-to-date and authentic, authors, athletes, astronauts, and expert speakers, for live events, virtual meetings, executive training, and consulting projects.

Our programs and systems can be customized for each person, group, or audience.

Executive Development Training

Many reliable research studies show that top-quality talent is immensely challenging to source externally. 85% of organizations said they were struggling with a talent shortage, and 74% indicated their greatest talent challenge was attracting talent. And it is getting worse.

For this reason, smart organizations are engaging with us to strategically plan the what, when who, how, and now!

 We advise CEOs and boards of directors.
 We develop executives to reach and go beyond their potential.
 We prepare junior executives to be future leaders.

To discover the best ways we could work together c
ontacts us.

We teach people how to listen, lead, think strategically, and develop the mindset of a Bold Leader! 
Bold Leaders are great visionaries, observers, planners, educators, and mentors.  

Bold Leaders propose the development of a vision for your life, business, and career

Bold Leaders see the future with clarity, create and maintain high-performing business cultures, promote strategy enhancement, build high-performing teams, and boost employee talent, skills, happiness, and retention. And we enjoy life!

Executive Consulting

This is all about YOU!

We will guide you to find, identify, evaluate and confirm your best vision, values, purpose, goals, and plans.

We will work with you to develop your vision and plans for your future. 

Nobody plans to fail, but most people fail to plan out their careers and lives to be happy and successful.   Frank Candy

Confidence is the most important characteristic you can develop. When you decide to commit to develop your solid foundation and build your self-confidence, then you will be able to accomplish your objectives and goals. 

Confidence is the feeling of trust in someone or something. To be self-confident is to have trust in you. Good self-confidence is a strong feeling of trust in your powers, attitude, mindset, skillsets, values, qualities, trusting your judgment, and your inner voice. Confidence is not given; the real bold leaders who want it, earn it. 

We deliver high-quality executive training and consulting along with Bold Leadership strategies and management systems to organize your values, principles, philosophy, purpose,  goals, and much more.

From this, you will realize your vision, mindsets, and skillsets, Every bold leader must this master to succeed and be happy.

Your Options

Most of our clients are: 

 CEOs seeking trustworthy and discrete consulting and collaboration. 

 Senior Executives seeking high-level skills training for themselves and their teams.

 Executives seeking assistance with booking high-quality, experienced professional keynote speakers and corporate trainers.

 Executives seeking a virtual presentation for their events or meetings. 

Executives seeking one-on-one public speaking skills training and coaching.

The smart CEO seeks out discreet advisors, consultants, and coaches to train and advise them on the mindset and skillsets a smart person needs to lead, flourish in their career, and command a board room, a company a shareholders meeting, and a news conference. 

Are we the right fit for you? There is only one way to find out. Let's set up a private call to discuss your vision, wants, and needs. We will respond with a plan including what we recommend, how long it could require, and how much you are likely to invest.