Rick Searfoss, Top Gun Fighter Pilot and NASA Space Shuttle Commander,
Astronaut, Business and Safety Expert and Motivational Speaker
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Rick Searfoss, USAF Col. (Ret.) CSP

Rick Searfoss, Professional Speaker, (Former Top Gun Pilot) Astronaut, Space Shuttle Commander and currently Business Entrepreneur, shares his stories about leadership, team building, team work, safety, execution, innovation, inspiration, motivation, dedication, focus, hope for our world, the global economy, and the future of mankind.

Human space flight - The Real "Right Stuff"

A perfect example of what it takes to overcome great challenges in today's world.

Rick Searfoss is a unique speaker! Rick tells a story how his last mission as Space Shuttle Commander was over 8 years in the planning, two years in daily training, and 16 days of perfect execution.

On the last day of the mission (STS-90) Rick had to land the Space Shuttle Columbia, (Value $500,000,000 - that's half a billion) with the heaviest payload in the history of NASA, at night, while the whole world was watching!

Since retiring from NASA and the Air Force, Rick Searfoss has become involved in several high-level business ventures and sits on the boards for some very prestigious companies.

Former astronaut Rick Searfoss was the Chief Judge for the highly successful and innovative Ansari X Prize competition for a $10 million prize to the first private team to develop and fly a reusable human-carrying spacecraft.

The X Prize Foundation chose Rick for this crucial position because of his combined expertise as a real-world leader and Space Shuttle mission commander, key spokesperson as a noted expert professional speaker on leadership, teamwork, and innovation, and technical expert as an experienced astronaut and test pilot.

Rick's vast client list includes organizations, from small enterprises to major corporations, including many of the Fortune 500. Rick Searfoss is well known for his ability to combine his business, technical and international experience with your organization's unique mission, and deliver a presentation specifically customized to your situation. Rick Searfoss has different presentations designed for groups as diverse high tech and low tech, sales, service, finance insurance, engineering, safety, technology, medical and manufacturing.

Rick continues to stay right in the middle in some of today's most innovative leading-edge projects: Vice President of the Zero Gravity Corporation, XCOR Aerospace Corporation flight test, leader and spokesperson for numerous space entrepreneurial ventures.

These ventures offer the most innovative team-based development projects of the new millennium and are incredible models for nimble, effective, exciting business ideas in all industries. Rick's out-of-this-world presentations are timely, exciting, content-rich, and the perfect real "right stuff" to launch your next event!

Astronauts must demonstrate the right qualities and perform to the most exacting standards as individuals and teams. Too much is at stake for anything less. And as one of less than a hundred people ever who have actually commanded a human space mission, Colonel Rick Searfoss speaks on leadership, teamwork, and personal performance with the authority born of in-depth personal experience.

He has piloted two Space Shuttle missions and commanded a third, with over 939 hours in space and 5400 hours of flying time in 61 different types of aircraft. His first space flight in 1993 set the record for the longest duration Space Shuttle mission. In 1996 he piloted Atlantis to the Russian space station Mir. With the STS-90 "Neurolab" mission on Columbia in 1998, Rick commanded the most complex scientific research space mission ever flown, with unparalleled mission success.

Meet and Greet and/or Photo Session at
Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Rick has over twenty-five years experience as a leader in some of the most demanding team dependent environments - human space flight, test piloting, and tactical instructor at the famous Top Gun School. Put unsurpassed credibility and experience with "out-of-this-world speaking skills and you have Rick Searfoss!

Colonel Searfoss was the number one graduate in his United States Air Force Academy class overall.

Selected as one of America's most outstanding young men, Rick Searfoss earned a National Science Fellowship resulting in a Graduate Degree from the California Institute of Technology. he is also a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons (Top gun) School and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.

  • His many awards include:

    * Distinguished Flying Cross

    * The Tactical Air Command F-111 Instructor Pilot of the Year

    *Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory Excellence in Turbine Engine Design Award

    * Defense Superior Service Medal

    * Legion of Merit

    * NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal

    * Two times Professional Speaker of the Year Award

    * CSP Certified Speaking Professional

As a real-world leader, team builder, and outstanding achiever, Rick brings this same dedication to his presentations, communicating effective techniques for meeting challenges to every group he speaks. With charisma, compassion, and compelling firsthand examples Rick speaks from the heart to sharing the lessons learned from meeting the dynamic challenges of human space flight.

His stunning multimedia presentations teach, inspire, and move people to action. His presentations are unique, entertaining, and moving. Let him take your group on a thrilling, uplifting, and enlightening "Mach 25" journey of unsurpassed performance, teamwork, and leadership discovery!

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Rick Searfoss


Rick Searfoss


Rick Searfoss

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