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Chuck Carmen - Programs

These are samples of completed programs. Let Chuck customize
one for your industry and group!

Chuck always delivers truly customized presentations to meet your goals and objectives. This is done through interviews, questionnaires and hours of his personal investment in you prior to his taking the stage. Here is a list of the most often requested programs.

"Would You Do Business With Yourself? (TM) "

  • An innovative, unique and fresh approach at looking at how you do business.

"The Art of The Turnaround"

  • Chuck has specialized in turning around businesses, and lives, from the doldrums to successful and fulfilling experiences. An awe inspiring session for your organization or individuals.

"Succeeding Through Accountability"

  • If your business doesn't have accountability model will you succeed in today's crisis driven world? The skills needed to handle change, crisis and cease the opportunities lost.

"Who Said Customer Service Doesn't Exist?"

  • Maybe yes, maybe no. You better be a cut above, a step ahead, innovative and creative in serving your customers. Real ideas and proven tips from around the world on exceptional, first class, treat like a guest in your home techniques that will make you the envy of your industry.

"I Love Negativity and Conflict"

  • Negativity and conflict are honest forms of communications. The key is how to understand it, defuse it, and use its wasted energy for the good.

"I Don't Believe in Motivation"

  • A motivational presentation from the inside out. Chuck believes that temporary motivation is external. This is an experience on real, lasting motivation that is internal.

"When Was The Last Time You Took Inventory?"

  • A self, or business, inventory on the experience of doing business with yourself. Put yourself a cut above the rest.

"Creating the Future"

  • Change is inevitable and comes way to fast today. Don't wait until it is pushed on you. Create your own business or personal future. Don't be a retread with everything old is new again be a visionary. The art of innovation and creativity.

"Take Advantage of the Opportunity"

  • Don't just wait. Keep your eyes open. And, create your own opportunities in business and life.

"Time Management? It Doesn't Work."

  • A new look at organizational skills, multi-tasking, and handling stress, through "Productivity Management".

"Igniting the Fire Within"

  • All great men and women had a vision. Create yours for business and life.

"How to Get a Date"

  • From one of the best if Chuck can sell a piece of sheet metal for $300,000 . . . well enough said. An innovative presentation on the art of selling. Everyone is selling something even if it is yourself.

"It's not the Altitude . . . It is the Attitude!"

  • Who said the skies the limit? It is not altitude sickness that makes us weak, tired, unmotivated, and listless. It is our attitude and we control it! An inspiring presentation that leaves everyone saying "10 for 10", "I couldn't get enough", & "Everyone one needs this" and "You increased my sells from the bottom to the top in our organization in just three months. Thanks."

"Finding Your Passion/Purpose and Not Just a Position"

  • Chuck has been speaking about how to find a purpose and your passion long before it was popular. Chuck shares real live experience to answer the question he hears most. "I see something in you I want. How do I do it?"

"Making the Most of Your The Board of Directors!"

  • A self-examination and development workshop for Boards of Directors

"The Art of Successful Advocacy and Legislation"

  • If your business is regulated or funded by government this is a great workshop on the real how to get it done form someone that has done it for years.

"Marketing Through Philanthropy"

  • The big guys have known the advantages of marketing through philanthropy for years. It is your turn to see how a very small investment of time and maybe money can reap huge benefits and profits. There are great causes out there willing to be your sales force!

"Winning Over Adversity"

  • A personal life story of inspiration and motivation. Chuck openly shares from his life's most painful experiences on how he overcame them and now has people seek out his advice on how he did it.
Chuck Carmen Picture
By nature we humans tend to wait for a crisis before we react to it. While we sit back and wait, things slowly deteriorate around us. We need to recognize it, prepare for it, instead of reacting to it." Chuck Carmen

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