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Frank Candy - Generational Expert, Author
Keynote Speaker, Gold Medal Winner
Speeches and Seminars

Bold Leadership

The Bold Leadership speech by Frank Candy can be customized for any audience, and delivered with an inspirational style that will leave a strong impact on the audience.

Learn how Bold Leaders create and develop a powerful vision for the future. Plus the characteristics of dedication, creativity, fairness, humility, a willingness to listen, and the never give up attitude of a winner.

The Bold Leader builds an organization based on the right values, then designs the strategies that deliver the desired results. Frank Candy

The Bold Leader creates, builds, and earns mutual respect, trust and loyalty with other Bold Leaders, his team, and their followers.

* Background: Since the 1970's, Frank Candy has led companies to grow, succeed and prosper under his strong leadership.

Frank Candy has led teams to victory, and inspired and influenced many groups of people to seek a higher purpose and archive great accomplishments.

You will discover how Bold Leaders win with inspired innovation, teamwork and team building, and how to avoid mediocrity and burnout!

The true purpose of Bold Leadership is to inspire people to become bold and better leaders.

Designed for:  Groups of people who want a powerful keynote speech, or seminar that is customized just for their group on the subject Bold Leadership.

Multi-Generational Teamwork

A practical guide for the and leading and managing the Baby Boomers, Xers, and Millennial in our multi-generational workplace.

Frank Candy is a master at inspiring diverse groups of people to work together and be productive.
Coach Lou Holtz

Every keynote speech is customized for the each group.

This speech is for every group that cares about productivity and the future.

In this keynote speech, or seminar, Frank Candy describe one of the biggest challenges we face in our future, HOW to get the multiple generations in the workplace to function well.  He has have the solutions and answers to what it takes to get ahead in this ever-changing, multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-tasking, social networking, international workplace we find ourselves in.

When he delivers the keynote speech or seminar, Multi-Generational Teamwork, he gives the group a clear understanding of the four generations in the workplace, their backgrounds, upbringings, circumstances, and experiences that influenced them, and shaped their beliefs, habits, expectations and values.

He provides the important facts and figures of each group and sub group. Plus the most important purpose of this keynote speech is HOW to get them to work together.

Inspired Innovation by Values

Frank Candy has delivered the Inspired Innovation by Values and Design speech for many groups all over the world.

Frank reveals the big picture of innovation, and how to get groups of people organized, committed, aligned, and focused, to a common cause.

Frank covers the leadership traits of inspired innovation by values, the advanced and highly evolving marketing requirements of innovation by values, the requirements for disciplined financial innovation by values, plus product invention, enhancement, development, and creative design.

Plus Frank Candy is one of the leading experts on quality management by values, and the pursuit of ongoing excellence for business leadership, and innovation by values and design.

Inspired Innovation by Values is always customized for the group, and can be delivered as a keynote, seminar or workshop. There are several modules that can be added to the experience, based on the required outcome for the group.

Leadership traits of inspired innovation by values: A bold approach to leadership in our multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-tasking, high-tech, high-speed, 

Advanced marketing methods and requirements of innovation by values Note: The old rules of marketing are dead! It's a whole new game and it requires a new way of attracting new customers, selling to them and keeping them.

The requirements for disciplined financial innovation by values, based on sound financial principles, many learned from Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett and many years in the trenches of business.

Product invention, enhancement, development, and creative design.

Quality management by values, and the pursuit of ongoing excellence for business leaders,

Innovation by values and design - how to get the most from planning meetings.

Each module has case studies, to build on and make the experience educational and relevant.

Emerging Business Trends

In every Emerging Business Trends Speech, Author and Keynote Speaker. Frank Candy, shares what's going to happen, why it will happen and how you can profit from it. 

Plus, Frank Candy will share insights like how to spot, research and track trends to enhance our global future. Here is a question for you - What would you do, what actions would you take, if you knew what was coming next?

"The game favors the bolds and the prepared."

This is hard-core emerging business trends and strategies from the real world of business - in the trenches, the shop floor and back offices, and even the boardrooms in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami. and around the world.

Winners are constantly aware of the trends and changes going on in the world, as well as those in their own industry.  If you’re like most business professionals, you know what your current customers, suppliers and competitors are doing.  But do you understand the trends that are impacting, not only your organization, but your customers, your competitors, and your suppliers?

As you can imagine, every audience is different in culture, size, industry, enterprise, and position, so every speech and training Frank Candy delivers is customized for the demographics of the group, and addresses their unique wants, needs, and desires in their industry.

In the Emerging Business Trends speech, Frank Candy has addressed unique subjects including, best business practices, consumer trends and tactics, creativity and innovation, science and technology, learning and education, information technology, marketing, sales, sales management, channel selling, and the big trends for selling on-line to multi-generations in the global marketplace.

The New Sales Management

Every Sales Management Keynote Speech and Sales Management Training Program produced and deliver by Frank Candy is customized and designed for each unique group with the goal to make your people more effective, productive and profitable.

Frank Candy has been a professional speaker and successful sales manager for over 20 years. He has lived with the ups and downs of market cycles, with good and bad economies. "

It's NOT what YOU have that makes a difference, it's what you DO with what YOU have, that makes the difference. Frank Candy

Frank Candy knows first hand how to lead, run and manage a team of winners, and inspire the change to develop a culture of winners.

Frank Candy’s Sales Management System inspires everyone to create and maintain a culture that consistently delivers good results, for long-term success. By promoting on-going improvement with innovation, skills, processes and systems,

Frank Candy has maintained a leadership position with sales effectiveness, and customer service, in three markets for over two decades.

The New Sales Management program is all about what it takes to get ahead in this ever-changing, high-speed, high-tech, hyper-connected, multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-tasking, social networking, international workplace we find ourselves in.

Winning by Overcoming Adversity and
Dealing with Change

This is the most requested and in demand keynote speech in the last decade. Frank Candy is known as a highly approachable, motivational and inspirational author, keynote speaker and trainer.

Background: Winning is a choice and mindset that can and will overcome adversity. When things are tough, and don't look good, you can still choose to win or lose.

The game favors the bold and prepared and the game changers are the ones who never, ever quite or give up.

This customized speech is all about people who
overcame the odds and chose to win, even when the odds were against them. And Frank Candy knows from experience because he was one of them.

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