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Background : Emory Austin, Hall of Fame Motivational Speaker who created Captivating Customer Service , did so from a background as founder and CEO of Suite 1000, a "customer-led" corporation that out-served her competition on every level. Emory's staff knew that our customers were our bosses and that they could expect extraordinary service, happily given. Emory Austin's philosophy built a huge base of loyal customers who became fans and brought in even more customers! Emory understands how Captivating Customer Service works because of her successful history with customers as a salesperson, a marketer, a television talk show host, a Board member, a business leader, and a coach.

Purpose : Emory Austin, in her keynotes and seminars, shares with Corporate, Sales, and Association audiences everywhere how to propel clients and customers into absolute loyalty. You will learn how to approach whatever Customer Service issues you have with a focus on the strengths of those who are already a part of your organization. Build on their strengths and create a more purposeful Customer orientation within your ranks. Whatever you are right now, Emory Austin shares five ways in which you can "put on customer glasses" and use your perspective and leadership skills to develop the customer base and customer loyalty that you must create if you want a profitable future.

Designed for : You and everyone in your ranks who deal with your customers - and customers go by many other names as well: clients, members, students, patients, partners, etc. Some customers are external, others are internal, many are global in scope. Some customers you see almost every day; other customers you never see at all. As an award-winning Keynote speaker, Emory speaks for audiences whose customer service strategies need more attention - and heart: business leaders in every industry, sales and direct marketing organizations, educators, financial services, and healthcare.

Topics/Points Covered - choose from these, as time permits, and talk with Emory Austin about other concerns :

*How to determine the best ways you can fulfill the evolving Customer Service demands that will be required as the 21st century progresses.

*An analysis of your professional and personal goals. Do your current customer service strategies fit these goals? Are all of your teams involved? What are they saying behind your back? Is it good?

*Where are you now as far as your competition is concerned and how will you be required or inspired to change your customer service approaches as you seek a larger market share?

*How are your actions and attitudes affecting/reflecting where you'd like to be with your customers?

*As Dr. Phil would say, "How is it working for you?" For your customers?

*Are there any problematic ways in which your customer service is stuck on the status quo plateau?

*How can you use change, mergers and acquisitions to broaden customer service leadership skills within your organization?

*Where do excellent customer service strengths come from to start with and how are you appreciating those in your organization who deliver it with caring and a smile?

*What are some creative ways for you to build a great reputation among your customers and potential customers? To keep everyone involved in delivering the best possible customer service relationships?

*What are your most critical issues surrounding customer service, and how are you handling them?

*Are you out-serving your competition by weaving closer ties with those who vote with their dollars?

Special Features : Emory Austin can help you use your skills and insights in ways that will make a timeless, priceless difference in your approaches to building Captivating Customer Service . Put more fresh air and purpose into your life and the lives of those with whom you work, as well as in the lives of your customers. With your willingness, resources, and ability, you have the power to create a better future for customers and for your own bottom line. Motivational Speaker Emory Austin can help you encourage your teams and build more customer service awareness among your forces.

Results : Activity that will support your customer service goals as you plan within your organization to understand what your customers' highest needs really are; sometimes we're way off target here! Plus - your meeting will be enlivened and your participants enthralled with Customer Service and Motivational Speaker Emory Austin's themes of embracing change, relationship building, and leadership skills - all of which are required for success and fulfillment in these 21st Century's roller-coaster markets. Your profits will grow as you watch Emory Austin's ideas for Captivating Customer Service continue to bear fruit.

Because of National Hall of Fame speaker Emory Austin's knowledgeable focus on your Captivating Customer Service possibilities, your organization, Corporation, Association, or other group will gain a strong message that is realistic and practical. In her Keynotes, Seminars, and other Motivational programs, Emory Austin is dynamic, warmly connecting, humorous, and an internationally-proven and highly-respected resource and leader in the customer service field.

Captivating Customer Service speaker Emory Austin has shared her insights with countless Corporate, Association and Government groups everywhere and in every field. Invite Emory Austin to speak for your group on increasing profit-making and Captivating Customer Service skills.

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